Travel Necessities

travel necessities

I always seem to get lots of questions about what I pack when I travel, especially when I travel with Cora.  I wrote this post about flying with a baby, which included info on what to pack for the baby, but I wanted to do a post on what travel necessities I pack for myself. Since once you pack for that baby/toddler, you won’t have too much room left for yourself.


| Mario Badescu Rosewater facial spray | Cozy Pullover | Ingrid & Isabel Maternity “Everyday” Leggings | Similar tote from YSL | Tote Savvy Tote Insert | Adidas Swift Run Sneakers | Smith’s Rosebud Salve | Travel Clorox Disinfecting Wipes |

Not pictured, but always packed in my carryon: phone, iPad with podcasts and books, headphones with the converter jack that has the aux end and the Apple Lightening end. Just in case I want to use the headphones in the plane headset TV’s.

My black and leopard print Givenchy tote is old, so I had to link a similar bag above, but I did find my exact leopard Givency Antogona shopper bag on sale on Tradesy!!

If I’m not wearing tennis shoes on the plane, my second best option is to wear slides and then pack cozy socks to put on to keep my feet warm. ‘Cuz sometimes you like to take off your shoes on the plane but you better have socks!! Like these socks, if you’re feeling cheeky. (I wear these at my house all the time and I think they’re so funny – at least while Cora can’t read).

I obviously pack different things specifically for Cora, but I wanted to just do a post just on what I pack and wear. Mama’s travel necessities.  We also don’t bring too much because if we have Cora on the plane then most of our time is devoted to keeping her happy and occupied and please, dear God, from screaming on the plane.


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    1. Thanks Merritt! It’s important to pack light and travel comfy when you have a toddler and are pregnant too hahah.

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