The Nontraditional Thanksgiving

Looking for some alternative-to-the-norm recipes for Thanksgiving this year? Or do you celebrate Friendsgiving and you want to shake it up a little? Or are there just the two of you this year and you don’t want to cook an entire turkey for two people. Here are some non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes that your friends and family will love so much they won’t miss that turkey thing….

I’ve never been a big fan of Thanksgiving foods, or Thanksgiving as a holiday, to be honest.  I feel like Chandler Bing over here, but I don’t even have a good reason like he had. I love the idea of Thanksgiving – family and friends gathered, just spending time with one another, eating great food, laughing too much, drinking too much. But growing up, I never had any cousins the same age as me and it always just felt like this boring event that people tolerated until they could start putting up Christmas decorations. And it seems like people don’t even wait to do that anymore…everyone in my neighborhood seems to have skipped right over Thanksgiving and is decorating for the holidays already.

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