My Fitness Journey After Two Pregnancies

Nearly all of my life it’s been easy for me to stay in shape. I enjoy being active, I don’t snack much or eat much sugar, and it seemed as though my metabolism was pretty solid all through my 20’s.…

Champagne In The Rain is my take on how to live life: always try to look on the bright side. And when it rains, drink champagne.

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The Bright Side

Had a big week last week with Coco’s third birthday and Easter. On the docket for this week: getting the house organized and cleaning things that don’t normally get cleaned, looking for an outdoor table and chairs, eating clean and…

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Infused Water – Our Summer Obsession

On spring and summer weekends when our plans involve staying around the house – whether it’s just relaxing or getting projects done – we always make big pitchers of infused water. It’s such a great way to make sure that…

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