Off-the-Shoulder for Fall

champagne in the rain distressed denim raw hem jeans off the shoulder raw hem jeans with heels fall 2016 outfit blogger free people off the shoulder shirt raw hem jeans fall outfit free people off the shoulder raw hem jeans fall 2016 outfit raw hem jeans free people distressed denim black heels fall 2016 outfit blogger raw hem jeans black heels blush prada bag fall outfit inspo off the shoulder top

Transitioning the top I wore all summer with jean shorts into fall with distressed, raw hem jeans and staple heels.  Long sleeves for cooler mornings and exposed shoulders for hot afternoons.

Below are some of my favorite transition pieces to take you from summer into fall.

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Free People distressed, raw hem jeans | Free People off-the-shoulder top (comes in other colors) | blush Prada bag borrowed from Bag Borrow or Steal (my fave!) also here for purchase | black heels via Nordstrom | sunglasses – old Chanel wayfarers


all photos by Emma Parker Photography

Sleeping with an Infant

owlet baby sleep monitor newborn champagne in the rain newborn owlet monitor

You know that dream you have when you first fall asleep? That dream where you trip or stumble or fall down the stairs and it jolts you awake and your body actually convulses a little. Since becoming a mother, that happens to be a few times each night, except that the dream has changed. I am no longer tripping over a crack in the sidewalk or missing a step or falling down the stairs.  Now the dream is that Cora has stopped breathing in her bassinet or she’s flipped over on to her stomach and is unable to move her head.

It’s a funny thing, parenthood.  Nick and I are both sleep-deprived and would do anything for a full nights sleep, but each one of us is so quick to jump out of bed and check on her when we can’t hear her breathing.  And she always is breathing.  I thank God for that every night. It seems like it’s just going to be the way things are for the rest of our lives; to worry like this.

As parents, we do things to ensure a little peace of mind, at least. We make sure we buy the right bottles and the right swaddles. We spend hundreds on monitors to make sure that when we aren’t in the same room as her, we can still keep an eye on her. We make sure she sleeps on her back, alone in the bassinet. We research the best toys and the best music to listen to. (She listened to more Mozart in the womb than I have over my entire life). But despite the numerous times I wake up each night to check on her, there are lots of times I don’t wake up. And her Owlet monitor, the newest addition to our household, gives me the peace of mind to be able to sleep.

newborn owlet monitor baby sleep owlet monitor newborn baby sleep

The Owlet monitor is comprised of a few pieces.  The first piece is a sock that the baby wears on her foot.  Connected via WiFi, the sock sends signals to the base of the monitor, which sits on my nightstand. If at any point during the night, the sock monitor shows that Cora has stopped breathing or her heart rate has gone down, the monitor on my nightstand will illuminate red and will sound an alarm so that I wake up. It comes with three different sock sizes, so that the monitor really can grow with your baby. Cora wears hers inside her sleep sack.

For more information on Owlet, check out their site, they have videos!

So, will this Owlet monitor keep me from jumping out of bed a few times each night to rush over to her bassinet, lean down and put my ear next to her face to make sure I can hear her breathing? No.  But it will give me the peace of mind during the times when I am sound asleep that everything is okay.

I’ve teamed up with Owlet to offer $25 off your purchase of an infant oxygen and heart rate monitor. Use this link to have the discount automatically applied at checkout.  This makes a GREAT baby shower gift. Click here for the discount.

owlet baby monitor discount code blogger




[all photos by Emma Parker Photography]

That’s the Spirit

beyond yoga kate spade

I’ve been feeling kind of down lately.  If I had to define it, I’d say I’m at 70% of myself. I’m assuming it has something (everything) to do with only being 3 months postpartum and being separated from Cora now that I’ve gone back to work.  I know it will take time. And I’m not sure how long it will take to get back to 100% Emily. In the meantime, I’ve put together a little list of goals/small projects.  I love projects – having something to work towards, always makes me feel happy. Because #thatsthespirit right?!

Beyond Yoga recently collaborated with Kate Spade on a really cute line of work out clothes. Since one of my goals is to work out/get active at least three times a week, I figured some some cute work out gear would help.

beyond yoga x kate spade kate spade beyond yoga kate spade x beyond yoga beyond yoga kate spade workout outfit

So here is my list of projects and little goals that I have set for myself – with no deadline to complete them.

  1. Do something active at least three times a week, for at least 30 mins each day: yoga, barre, running, taking the dog for an extra long walk, squats while I’m wearing Cora…whatever I can squeeze into a busy day.
  2. Wake up earlier: I’ve never really been a morning person, but having Cora gets me up earlier anyways.  I find that I can get so much more accomplished when I wake up early.  Even if I end up going to bed earlier haha.
  3. Take the time to do nothing for at least ten minutes a day: I need to take the time to decompress a little…almost mediate I suppose.  Like taking my mid-morning coffee outside, without my phone, and listening to the birds for a bit before tackling more emails.
  4. Peruse social media with purpose – not endlessly: I have a bad habit of stopping whatever it is that I’m doing to open up a social media app and scroll endlessly. Before I know it, I’ve spent 20 minutes doing BuzzFeed quizzes, reading political rants, and watching from above while someone makes churro ice cream cones…
  5. Create more human connections – doing so virally is okay: I want to take the time to really connect with someone each day, someone at work, an Instagram friend, a friend from college who lives far away…triple points if I can get them to laugh.
  6. Tackle one house project each week – these are certainly fun projects, but it feels overwhelming at times, so (at least) one per week makes it feel more manageable.
  7. Keep up with Cora’s baby journal: because I have been BAD about this. I have been keeping up with a 10-year journal that I started right before Nick and I got married, and that has been fun to remember what happens each day through the years.
  8. Drink more water: pretty self-explanatory
  9. Be more romantic: because with a new baby, this seems to get shoved onto the back burner, and I think that is the last thing the relationship between two new parents needs.
  10. For every negative thought – two positive: from time to time I find myself annoyed that I haven’t lost all the baby weight, or comparing myself to other women, or getting frustrated that my skin looks terrible and all my hair is falling out, post-Cora. It is impossible to stop these thoughts all-together, at least it is for me. But for every negative thought I have, I will think about two positive things…how good was the dinner that I made last night, how I didn’t cheat at all during my most recent barre class, that I’m grateful for how much weight I have lost, or how Cora has learned how to roll over on her own!!


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