Beck’s Birth Story and The First Weeks At Home

After I gave birth to Cora I had no other responsibilities except to focus on her.  I had a three month maternity leave, no other kids at home, a husband who loved cooking and would hurry home from work to spend time with us. She was my only job.

Now, with Beck, I own my own business and cannot really take any time off. And we’re selling our house so we’re constantly having to clean and get everyone out for multiple showings all week. Nick has already started working in Charlotte so he’s been down there for a few days each week. Seemingly in every aspect our lives this time around are so much different.

But it’s almost like Beck understands this, because he’s the BEST baby. He sleeps 3-4 hour stretches all day and at nighttime. When he’s awake he rarely cries. Doesn’t scream when he’s in a car seat (Cora did). Doesn’t scream when you change his diaper, (Cora did). And eats SO well, (Cora never did). I think it’s true that the universe doesn’t give you more than you can handle.

When I was pregnant both times I loved reading other Mom’s birth stories – I found them incredibly interesting and helpful as I was prepping for births.  So I wanted to share Beck’s birth story and how our first two weeks at home have gone.  Hopefully it will serve to help other mamas prepare for their own stories. You can read Cora’s birth story here.

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