Things You Really Want To Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day ideas donuts in bed

Tired of the same ol’ steak dinner, red roses, box of chocolate Valentine’s Day plans? Here are a ton of ideas that would be fun whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s with someone else, or solo, or all your girls. Pro Tip: most of these are best done while wearing sweatpants and a few of them might require playing hooky from work that day.

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Hiding From Winter

Living in Ohio, I’ve had to learn how to deal with/cope with the bleak and dreary winters. The medical term is Seasonal Affective Disorder – literally SAD for short. They couldn’t have picked a more appropriate name. Many people are affected by it differently – some experience worse winter depression than others. I am fortunate in that it has never been debilitating for me – I honestly just find it harder to get motivated and get happy.

I know I am not the only person who struggles with this. And it honestly seems to be compounded now that I have a toddler who also gets cabin fever. I wanted to put together a list of things that I do in the winter when I start to feel the SAD set in, or I’m feeling generally unmotivated (you can only hide in bed and eat fries and watch Downton Abbey for so long…..or can you?)


| Anthropologie mittens | Anthropologie scarf – so so soft | Asos skirt | booties from Nordstrom | Anthropologie cardigan | Jcrew sweater – one I wear year after year | Madewell sunnies – come in other colors too! |

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Dressing Like A Parisian

how to dress like a parisian

Dressing like a Parisian is obviously not just about the beret. Keeping your look simple, sophisticated and modern but not overly trendy is the key to dressing like a Parisian.

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