How To Start Each Day More Productively

These are the things that I do to start each day more productively and the ways I forced myself to become a morning person. Share this with your friend who owns a coffee mug that says “Don’t Talk to Me Before This Is Empty.”


Full disclosure, I am not a morning person. I wish I was. I can certainly wake up early if I have to, but it isn’t in my nature to just jump out of bed and high five the sun and sing to the birds like Cinderella or some shit.

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50 States of Denim with Anthropologie

Back to school season to me is school supplies, new tennis shoes, and a new pair of jeans. ¬†Anthropologie is currently running a campaign highlighting how women all over the country style their Anthro denim and I am repping Ohio. Laid back and comfortable with with a little edge. ¬†And…..I got the sneak deets on how to get the Anthro jeans of your dreams for $20 off.

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