Updated Outfit Ideas for Work

If you find yourself wearing the same outfits to work week in and week out, you might be in an outfit rut. I put together some updated outfit ideas for work with options that don’t break the bank! Each of the outfits is under $300, including shoes and accessories. For winter based ideas visit imageandstylenews.com.

I used to fall into a work outfit rut. Every day featured a different pencil skirt in a slightly different color than the day before. I found that a little more planning on Sunday evenings I could get out of the rut. I’d go through and pick out everything that I wanted to wear for the week and put it to one side of my closet. Otherwise, my “so-not-a-morning-person’ demeanor would just gravitate towards pencil skirt, t-shirt and plain heels.

Here are some great options for each day of the week and all items can be mixed and matched throughout the month.

Monday Outfit – Under $300

Tuesday Outfit – Under $250

Wednesday Outfit – Under $300

Thursday Outfit – Under $250

Friday Outfit – Under $200

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