The Gift Guide



ONE. Not an inexpensive gift option, but a 3D printer is all the rage right now and it’s a fun group activity too. Plus it gets kids (adults) using their brains and their creativity, rather than just sitting in front of a TV playing video games.
TWO. A pretty and easy gift – this marble iPhone case also would make a great stocking stuffer.
THREE. Perfect for an office or even just next to your bed, this iPhone dock sits your phone upright while it charges.
FOUR. I included a similar lens in my gift guide from last year and I got reports back that people really liked it.  This camera lens works on a number of different phones and even your Macbook for clearer, better photos.
FIVE. There is a hidden iPhone input and a USB inside the keychain, (which can be monogrammed FOR FREE), so charging on the fly or uploading a file to a computer is a breeze.
SIX. Because marble is in this year and because I can’t be the only one who gets crumbs stuck in my keyboard, (eats cookies bent over computer always), so this cover would be helpful.
SEVEN. When music is playing, the little UFO on top actually hovers. Speakers are 360 degrees and comes with a phone app so you can control the music from anywhere.
EIGHT. Because every techie needs a place to store their numerous cords and those tiny wireless headphones so they don’t get lost or horribly tangled.
NINE. Idk about you but I am constantly running on like 10% battery. I have chargers everywhere, but sometimes when I’m traveling or out at night and I don’t have easy access to an outlet, this bracelet that doubles as a charger would be a really cool and fashionable backup plan.
TEN. Fashion and function in this digital Michael Kors watch that is especially good for travelers.


ONE. We received a blanket like this as a Christmas gift one year and we LOVE it. We use it all year ’round and it’s perfect for snuggling.
TWO. I added this candle to my gift guides last year – the smell is perfect and subtle. I give this candle as a gift often and the standard response is that it smells like a sexy man.  So there ya go.
THREE. This gold cocktail shaker is the perfect kind of hostess gift when you don’t know what a person likes but you want to bring a good gift.  It can be monogrammed as well as long as you have a little notice before you need to gift it!
FOUR. The nice thing about white marble is that it goes with anything. If you don’t know what color decor, place settings your hostess has, white marble anything is a good option. Plus the shape of this cheese board is very cool.
FIVE. These drunk candies actually taste amazing. You’ve probably seen them all over social media…they’re delicious and perfect for setting out when you have people coming over.
SIX. Again, see number 4 above. Everybody needs coasters and these would match with anyone’s decor.
SEVEN. We have this creamer and this sugar bowl at our house and we get tons of compliments.
EIGHT. In addition to going with any decor, marble conducts heat differently and stays much cooler – making it a great way to chill wine. Bring over a bottle of wine in this chiller and it’s two gifts in one!
NINE. Cheese knives to match your white marble cheese board.
TEN. I’m not sure that this needs a description. It’s Truffle Butter. Gifting points times 100.