Infused Water – Our Summer Obsession

On spring and summer weekends when our plans involve staying around the house – whether it’s just relaxing or getting projects done – we always make big pitchers of infused water. It’s such a great way to make sure that…

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Champagne In The Rain is my take on how to live life: always try to look on the bright side. And when it rains, drink champagne.

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The Rules for Working from Home

I woke up in my office this morning. I wake up in my office every morning because my favorite place to work at the moment is my bedroom. I also like the couch – but only if no one else…

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Beauty Products I ALWAYS Buy

We all have favorite products that we keep buying month after month; year after year. Those products that you can’t wait to share with your friends because you’ve found something that works and you love. Many of these become so…

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