The Nontraditional Thanksgiving

Looking for some alternative-to-the-norm recipes for Thanksgiving this year? Or do you celebrate Friendsgiving and you want to shake it up a little? Or are there just the two of you this year and you don’t want to cook an entire turkey for two people. Here are some non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes that your friends and family will love so much they won’t miss that turkey thing….

I’ve never been a big fan of Thanksgiving foods, or Thanksgiving as a holiday, to be honest.  I feel like Chandler Bing over here, but I don’t even have a good reason like he had. I love the idea of Thanksgiving – family and friends gathered, just spending time with one another, eating great food, laughing too much, drinking too much. But growing up, I never had any cousins the same age as me and it always just felt like this boring event that people tolerated until they could start putting up Christmas decorations. And it seems like people don’t even wait to do that anymore…everyone in my neighborhood seems to have skipped right over Thanksgiving and is decorating for the holidays already.

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The Coat that Goes with Everything

camel coat stuart weitzman otk boot outfit

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have two amazing step children who live in Salt Lake City during the school year with their mom and with us in the summer. This means we take LOTS of trips out to Utah and take them up to Park City. We go there so often that we’re even looking at buying a vacation house out there. But with the weather out there, this also means we have to pack coats.

fall 2017 outfit gucci belt 5050 boots

JCrew Top Coat | Stuart Weitzman OTK 50/50 Boots | JCrew ruffled mini skirt | JCrew statement sweater with ruffle sleeves | Gucci GG belt | JCrew Velvet hair bow

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Styling Family Photos

It’s family picture and Holiday Card season. Below are our family photos taken over the past three years and my five rules for styling family pictures.  I can’t get over how all the kids have changed!!

After I posted this Mommy & Me outfit post, I got some questions about styling an entire family for pictures, so I thought I would share some of my tips and some of our most recent family photos. I also linked to the different photographers who did our photos!

And I have even more family photo outfit ideas on my Christmas Pinterest board.


Styling Family Photos:

ONE. Choose a color scheme.

I typically stick to neutrals and then add in a few pops of color that I know everyone already has in their closet. Stay away from graphic art, large logos, neon, and

TWO. Layer.

Layering clothes really photographs well – adds depth and layer and a pop of color if necessary. Fold cuffs over sweaters. Tuck one side of a button-down shirt into jeans, pop the back of your coat collar. This done, yet undone look will help make your photos look effortless…despite all the effort you put into styling them.

THREE. Pack the JIC items.

Extra hair ties, a brush, a lint roller, chapstick. You’ll be happy that you packed them.

FOUR. Dress for the weather.

This seems like a given, but I’ve considered dressing inappropriately for cold weather just so that the outfits would look better.  This won’t help in the end – you’ll have a terrible time. Plus, you can often tell what the weather is like just by looking at the scenery, and your outfits should fit that aesthetic.


If I see one more photo of a family at the beach all wearing khakis and white shirts……

Our 2015 Family Pictures – Columbus, OH

2015 photos by Emma Parker Photography

Our 2016 Family Pictures – Park City, UT

2016 photos by Jordy B Photography

Our 2017 Family Pictures – Park City, UT

2017 photos by Dayna Grace Photography

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