First Birthday Party

first birthday cake smash baby flower crown

While I was pregnant, a friend of mine said that a birthday party for a one-year old is not for the baby really, it’s to celebrate that the parents made it through the first year in one piece and still married. I thought this was funny at the time, but now I know she was right! OMG WE MADE IT. I cannot keep any house plants alive but my gosh I kept a human baby alive and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I had originally planned on making all of the food myself, but thankfully at the last minute, Nick talked me out of it by suggesting that we could order fried chicken from The Eagle. SOLD

We set out a buffet, set a bar tray with mixers and fruit and had people make their own drinks, had rose, white, and prosecco in the fridge and lots of sparkling waters. I made the cakes myself….wanting to make sure that Cora’s first experience with cake didn’t send her into a diabetic shock…so I made a naked cake and added berries and mint.

first birthday party decor greenery wall installation first birthday party homemade smash cake

Cora loved all the people and the babies who came to see her. Her favorite gifts were books and stuffed animals and the girl who normally refuses to wear hats/bows/anything on her head, wore that flower crown the entire afternoon. I cannot believe she is already one. I must have done something right in my life to be able to deserve to be her mama.

first birthday party decor balloons cora first birthday party baby flower crown first birthday party homemade smash cake diy berries first birthday party smash cake baby flower crown first birthday party decor teepee first birthday party homemade smash cake diy first birthday party decor teepee first birthday party decor balloons

Party details are below.

FlowersEvergreen Flower Co. [seriously loved that wall installation – it was my favorite part of the decor!]

FoodThe Eagle

Cake – made by me by using a box cake mix and whipped icing, here was my inspo: here and here

TeepeePottery Barn

Cora’s Flower CrownBunches Handmade

Cora’s HighchairBoon via Amazon

PhotosEmma Parker Photography



Thank you Emma for always taking photos even when I ask you not to and to just enjoy the party.

Spring Transition

abercrombie black dress ruffle sleeve ladylike outfit

During the spring I always look for transitional pieces.  Which is essentially just due to the fact that crazy weather here in Ohio gives me a few tastes of warm weather but then throws us all back into the cold and despair…usually all in the same week. So, I want to start wearing spring clothes but the 65 today, 35 tomorrow weather is not always permitting.

What that means is I start buying great spring pieces, like this sleeveless, ruffle midi dress, and then layer with a bulky sweater or a jean jacket and booties (with nice warm socks).

Or pair the jean jacket with a simple white T, a red bandana, white jeans and a good pair of loafers:

abercrombie jean jacket red bandana outfit



It’s such a tease to wear shorts and a tank one day and then wake up to an actual ice storm the next.  In the meantime, I just jack the heat up at our house and just pretend it’s nice out. Intentional ignorance is bliss.

givenchy antigen tote abercrombie jean jacket spring outfit



flowers and bread clintonville ohio

Also – we tried out the more darling new cafe/shop yesterday.  Emma and I stopped for lunch at Flowers and Bread and were floored by the decor and our lattes and the flower and the BREAD. A match made in Instagram heaven for sure.

flowers and bread cafe ohio flowers and bread cafe columbus ohio lunch

photos and glorious company c/o: Emma Parker Photography

The Abercrombie Comeback

The new Abercrombie and Fitch is not the same brand you remember from high school.

abercrombie and fitch jeans blush satin bomber jacket outfit

| blush satin bomber c/o Abercrombie | boyfriend jeans c/o Abercrombie | black tank c/o Abercrombie | Louboutin heels via Neiman Marcus | Givency sunglasses via Nordstrom |

The name Abercrombie still elicits visions of pastel polos with popped collars. I paired these with jean skirts and leather belts nearly as wide as the skirt was.  I loved that store.  I lived in the store for some time while I worked there after high school.

But at some point I fell out of love. For a number of reasons I suppose.  I’d pass by an AF store with its doors open and catch a whiff of that notoriously dreamy Abercrombie scent and smile, but I wouldn’t stop.  I’d felt it had grown to be so exclusive, that I no longer wanted to be included.

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