Life Update: We’re Moving

I’ve been MIA in a lot of ways lately: on the blog, on social media, IN GENERAL, not just because I felt like 100 weeks pregnant for the past 4 weeks and then our sweet baby boy deciding to arrive a few days early (BLESS HIM), but also because….we’re moving! In September. Yes. Like 4 weeks after we had a baby.

(My OB was like….uh, post C-section? Girl, I hope you are getting a moving company). My husband was offered an incredible job opportunity in Charlotte, North Carolina and after talking through it and weighing the opportunities, we decided that he should take it!  I went to college in Charlotte, at Queens University, and I have always loved that city.

It’s a lot to handle at the moment: having a baby, while taking care of a toddler, while working 4 days a week, while trying to keep the house spotless for showings, get a baby and a toddler and a dog out of the house for these showings (while I can’t drive for two weeks), while Nick is flying back and forth between Columbus and Charlotte for a bit until we all move, while maintaining SOME SEMBLANCE OF SANITY.

My mind definitely isn’t as sharp as it normally is, I feel some significant, but positive stress on a daily basis, and I feel like it’s been affecting the focus that I can give to any one thing in particular.  But I’m trying.  And I’m excited to start a new chapter down south.

Our house is officially on the market, we’ve had an open house and showings and our house has NEVER been cleaner.  We’ve picked out a house to rent for a bit in the Eastover area of Charlotte – with the idea that we want to get down there and figure out where exactly we want to live before we buy a home. And Nick’s new employer is paying for the relocation, so thankfully we will have movers packing for us and not a pregnant lady or a post-C-section lady.

Between friends and our family and our nanny I’m 100% positive I could not handle the stress of all of this happening at once.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to support someone when they’re going through chaotic times as well, and I cannot thank my village enough.

And it will be strange to leave Columbus. We’ve been here for so long. We have family here. We have friends who have become family here. I LOVE our house and I’ll be sad to leave it.  But I’m so excited about our adventure together.

So come September I’ll be a southern girl (again). If any of you are from that area I’d love to get your recommendations on Charlotte resources, things to do with kids, your favorite restaurants – all of that!

CLT here we come!!!


6 thoughts on “Life Update: We’re Moving

  1. Do you read Olive & Tate? She’s a blogger that recently moved back to the Charlotte area. She seems super cool and has two young kids just a bit younger than yours! Good luck!

  2. Congratulations!!! We (husband, 14 month old) just relocated to Charlotte from philly in January. CLT is SO kid friendly! We love uptown eateries and live just north of the city in huntersville💛 happy to answer any questions! The process is still so fresh!

  3. Congratulations! We moved to Raleigh from Chicago (after living there for close to 11 years) about 2 years ago right before I delivered my 2nd child. It’s hectic and crazy, so allow yourself some grace and time to adjust, but you will love living in the south!

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