The Summer ‘It’ Bags

Structured straw and bamboo bags are all the rage this summer. Some are significantly more expensive than others. There are two bags in particular that you have probably been seeing EVERYWHERE…but there are other structured bags that are gorgeous and won’t appear on every street corner. So if you’re looking for a different type of structured summer bag than the small round straw bag or the half circle bamboo Cult Gaia bag, I’ve got some great Save and Splurge options for you.

I love this trend and I wanted to get some structured bags but wanted to avoid getting the two that I had been seeing EVERYWHERE. I love this box crossbody bag I’m wearing in these photos because it reminds me of a summer picnic basket and it has an INCREDIBLE price! The removable and adjustable strap makes it work for lots of different types of outfits too.

I also love the Cult Gaia bags…even though I see them everywhere, but I wanted to try a different version first before I bit the bullet and jumped on the Cult bandwagon. I picked out this “birdcage” bag from Anthropologie and I have NEVER gotten so many compliments on a purse before. I included the birdcage bag in this blog post. No matter what Gucci or Chanel I’ve worn..I have never gotten so much attention on a bag. Plus the price is better than the Cult Gaia bags too.

I’ve arranged the Summer “It” Bag Lookbook below by price – lowest to highest. My personal favorites are the Birdcage Bag, my Square Straw Crossbody Bag pictured in this post, and of course, the Prada at the end (which comes in natural, black or pink). For a list of great bags to choose all year round, take a look at



photos by Matelli Graves

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