Summer Goals

summer goals list

I wanted to share some of my summer goals with you guys. I find that it’s much easier for me to stick to changes in my normal routine if they are small. Nearly to the point that I don’t even notice them. I’ve tried crazy workout plans, crash diets, etc. and after about two weeks I’m pissed that I don’t notice any results and inevitably give up and revert back to my old ways.


This is why I pick out little goals that can make a big impact if incorporated into a long-term routine.  I shared this post about some things that I added to my morning routine that have really helped me be more productive throughout the day. Below are a few of my goals for the summer. I’d love to hear yours too!!

Summer Goals

ONE.  Drink 20 oz of water each morning BEFORE I drink coffee. I got this idea from my friend Lauren of Whole Living Lauren, and I already notice that I’m feeling better throughout the day.

TWO.  Wake up 30 min earlier than usual (at least 5 days a week).

THREE.  Exercise at least 30 min each day. (I view this as an average so if I skip a day then I need to spend an hour working out another day.

FOUR.  Eat one 100% clean meal a day. To me this means nothing processed and I also try to make this meal vegetarian. Sometimes cooked veggies but nearly always this meal is raw and if I make a salad the dressing is light – lemon and oil and light Salt and Pepper.

When I’m not pregnant this is not a huge deal for me…I usually have a smoothie for breakfast or make just a simple salad for lunch. But with this pregnancy it has been harder for me to stick to a clean diet. I’m either not hungry at all or I’m ravenous and eating enough for ten people.

FIVE. Add two new dinner recipes to our normal repertoire.

SIX. Read at least three books. (post law school I haven’t been doing much reading and I miss it). I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but I never read anything just for fun anymore.

SEVEN. Care less about the house being clean and more about spending time with my family.

EIGHT. Reduce the amount of time that Nick and I either sit next to each other at night on the couch on our phones or laying in bed next to each other on our phones – I think that kills a marriage and we need to get out of this terrible habit.

NINE. Go on one date night per week.  This is something that we started doing a few months ago and it has been amazing. We were good about doing this right after Cora was born but then got out of the habit. We started it up again recently and it’s been so nice to have that time together. We rarely make it a fancy date, in fact our last one we spent at the nursery getting more plants for our yard and then just got some pizza afterwards – but it was one of my favorite dates we’ve have recently.

TEN. Spend quality time with Coco before the new baby comes in August.



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