Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ditch that ball cap and get out your dry shampoo. Whether you just don’t have a ton of time to do your hair in the mornings or you don’t find it as easy to create gorgeous, perfect, intricate hair styles on yourself…. (This is me…I can braid if I can see it….ask me to braid the back of my hair and it ends up looking like Edward Scissorhand’s hair), you still want to look pretty and presentable!

Here are some of my favorite, and most importantly, EASY hair styles for long hair.

The classic pony tail, add a scarf.

Perfectly-paired with day-old waves. Secure with an elastic band and then tie on your favorite scarf.  Here are some of my favorite hair scarves:


The Messy Pin-back.

I can handle braids as long as I can SEE them when I do them…aka they start at the front of my face. Make a french braid on each side of your head after you part your hair down the middle.  Leave some loose front hairs out of the braids.  Pin back with (LOTS OF) bobby pins. Use bobby pins to secure a few other strands of hair to add volume and create a messy look.


The Full Ponytail

The ever-coveted FULL Ponytail. My hair is long but super fine, so achieving this level of volume is difficult for me. A full pony is ALWAYS best done with dirty hair and lots of dry shampoo and volumizing spray. I love THIS FULL PONYTAIL TUTORIAL. She gives you more than a few tricks and even using one of them helps.

[image via Pinterest]


The Half-Up Top Knot

The coveted but rarely perfectly-executed half-up top-knot. You’ve seen this hair style done perfectly and you’ve seen it completely botched.  My girl Sazan made an easy-to-follow tutorial to show you how to achieve the perfect top knot.

[image via Pinterest]

Side Braid with a Twist

If you’re anything like me, your french braids don’t always look très chic – especially if you’re in a rush. So I love this cheat version from the gal herself, Julia Engel. Add lots of volumizing spray, brush through those locks and make a side part. Portion off a section towards the front of your face and roll the hair backwards toward the back of your head. Hold that roll in place and at your ear, add the twisted section to the rest of your hair and section into three parts. Make a traditional braid, et voilà!

[image via galmeetsglam.com]


The Cheerleader Half-Up ‘Do

I constantly wish that I was hair-talented like Amber Fillerup Clark, but bless her heart, she always remembers to post hairstyles for us more braid-challenged girls out there. I call this the Cheerleader Half-Up because this is legit how I used to wear my hair when I cheered. Works best with day-old curls, dry shampoo or volume spray and some good teasing on top of your head. The ponytail is secured on top of your head rather than at the back. Secure with a small, clear elastic and then tie on your favorite silky or velvet ribbon!

[image via barefootblonde.com]


Fishtail Braid, Half-up ‘Do

By now you can tell I’m a fan of the half-up styles. This is because it’s easier for me…They often look good messy and I can pretend I know when I’m doing when I don’t, but still make it look pretty. Here, you part hair down the center. Being sure to leave some wispy pieces in front, around your face, make one small fishtail braid on either side of your hair, like the photo above.  As a self-prescribed member of the braid struggle bus, let me tell you that fishtail braids really are pretty easy.  This is the video I watched to learn.  And relearn when I forget. Secure each braid with an elastic.  Cross one braid over the other behind your head and secure with a pretty clip (or three clips as shown above). Then remove the elastics from the braids.

[image via Pinterest]



Hope this helps give you guys some good hair inspo! XOXO – Em

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