Things You Really Want To Do On Valentine’s Day

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Tired of the same ol’ steak dinner, red roses, box of chocolate Valentine’s Day plans? Here are a ton of ideas that would be fun whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s with someone else, or solo, or all your girls. Pro Tip: most of these are best done while wearing sweatpants and a few of them might require playing hooky from work that day.

Things You Really Want to Do on Valentine’s Day


ONE. Lay in bed and eat Donuts.  Extra points if you Amazon Prime or UBEReats those frosted babies.

TWO. Refuse to get out of pajamas the entire day, binge watch Stranger Things and order two dozen of these awesome Stranger Things cookies.

THREE. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Gift. You deserve it.  Finally hit the ‘confirm order’ button on those Gucci sneaks you’ve had in your cart for the past 6 months. Your toes and not your bank account will thank you later.

FOUR. Read a book. Something you actually want to read. Personally, I love physical books – especially from the library because I love that smell. Don’t know what to read? Check out these best seller lists, (you can search by year, category, author, etc.)

FIVE. You know that art museum in town that you always think you’d like to check out but never actually go to….go.  Get dressed up.  Bring a friend or your SO or go alone and walk around and get lost in the beauty of it all.

SIX. Go see a movie in the middle of the day. And order a large popcorn, that large soda and girl put that extra butter on there too.

SEVEN. Pamper yourself and your skin. Go get a facial or give yourself one at home. Find tons of good DIY mask recipes here. Then stock up on some ingredient conscious makeup and skin care products like this organic deodorant (that actually works) and this tinted moisturizer with a list of ingredients you will love and can pronounce.

 EIGHT. If you’re in the mood to spoil someone else on Valentine’s Day – surprise them with a travel journal or a new bathing suit/ski goggles/hiking boots or other gift associated with the perfect trip that the two of you can start planning and looking forward to together.

NINE. Take a cooking class – restaurants offer this options sometimes and Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table also have really fun classes. You get to use your hands, get dirty, eat good food, and learn some new recipes. And it’s fun to do either alone or with someone!

TEN. If you have a special someone for Valentine’s – recreate a favorite date that the two of you had. If your favorite date was in Bali on your honeymoon and that trip isn’t in the budget this year, head to your favorite Tiki bar for drinks or surprise him or her by making the same dinner you had on that date.


And I’ll be over here eating wayyyyy too many donuts, waking up early to get all my work done so that I can be lazy the rest of the day!


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