Guest Room Updates for the Holidays

Do you have guests coming to stay this holiday season? A few quick updates to your guest room, (or kid’s bedroom or the basement or wherever they will be staying), will help ensure that they are comfortable and cozy. And you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do so.


Tips for making your guests comfortable during the holiday

Lots of pillows options – different sizes and and firmness

Some people like one pillow, some people like 4.  And everyone has their own firmness preferences. Give people a few different options. Our guest room bed is all white so that if I need to replace just two pillow cases or a blanket, everything will match regardless!

[ accent pillows from Vernacular Home]

Easy-access info

Have a TV in the room – include a guide list – you can usually print one out from your cable provider’s website. Put your wifi password in a cute frame next to the closest place they can charge their phones/iPads.

[Picture frame from Vernacular Home]

Keep them warm

Keep a throw at the end of the bed, add a few extra blankets in the closet, and maybe even keep a small space heater in the closet they will be sleeping in as well.

[Throw blanket from Vernacular Home]

The necessities

This is something that I find to be THE MOST helpful when I’m traveling and staying with family or friends. I never bring shampoo, conditioner, or body wash.  Or a hair dryer. Typically these are the things that the hotel provides and we normally stay in hotels, so I forget to pack these items. I collect the nice hotel shower items and keep them in a large ziplock bag under our guest room bathroom sink.  This way, if guests forgot anything, they can find what items they need. A small hairdryer kept under the sink is helpful too, and you can get inexpensive ones at Ulta or Target.

So fresh and so green

I always put flowers or greenery in our guest room when we have company. I think it makes it look like you put some effort into the room. And don’t go out and buy a fancy arrangement – cut greenery and herbs or flowers from your yard!

[Gold vase from Vernacular Home]

A place to unpack

The first thing that I always do when I travel is unpack.  Even if I’m only staying for one night. I might be weird in this preference though. But give me a few hangers and a couple empty drawers and I’ll be so happy!  If you’re low on dresser or closet space in the room your guests are staying, at least give them a place to keep their suitcase hidden and out of the way.

Candles and Matches

Our guest room bathroom is located in the hall and is accessible by anyone – not just guests.  I always light a candle and provide matches in that bathroom.  The candle is lit upon their arrival.  That way if they are using the bathroom and have concerns about people using it right afterwards, they can light a match and nobody thinks anything of it. I just think it makes people feel more comfortable in a shared bathroom.

[candle, match book, tray, and mugs all from Vernacular Home]


Thank you to Vernacular Home for helping us get holiday-guest-ready!


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