Mommy & Me Outfits (That Don’t Match)

Wearing Mommy & Me outfits with your mini me doesn’t mean you need to match. You just need to coordinate.  I usually choose a color palette and choose our outfits this way. This is helpful if you’re styling family pictures or heading to an event together.

I typically dress Cora in outfits that I would want to wear myself which means that there are days that we end up wearing very similar outfits.  “Mommy & Me Outfits,” brings up visions of my mom and I wearing MATCHING outfits to church, (sometimes my little sister, my mom and I would all match). But you don’t need to match AT ALL!

My rules for Mommy & Me outfits:

  1. Don’t wear the same EXACT outfit. Just because they make overalls for grown ups and for babies does not mean that you two should wear them on the same day.

  2. Choose a color palette.  I usually choose 2-4 colors that I want to appear in both of our outfits.

Cora and I picked out our Mommy & Me outfits with the help of our favorite shops, CubShrub and TigerTree.  It is finally feeling like fall here in Columbus, so I wanted to choose very autumnal colors – denim, cream, orange/red, brown, and this gorgeous golden maize that I really think looks good on just about any skin tone.

Each item that we are wearing are linked below:

On Me: Levi’s Wedgie Fit | Cozy Sweater | Circle Earrings | ‘Mama’ Necklace | Splendid Suede Open-Toe Booties

On Cora: Yellow Tunic | Denim Overall Skirt | Knee Socks | Minnetonka Moccasins | Hooded Pom Pom Sweater | Jellycat Puppy

*Fun Fact: When we purchased this Jellycat Puppy, the lady at the store told us that after Princess Charlotte was photographed with this same puppy, it was sold out EVERYWHERE. Apparently they are only just now starting to trickle back in stock.  So if you see one, grab it!


Thank you to CubShrub and TigerTree for sponsoring this Mommy & Me outfit post!

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