Looking Cooler than I Feel

brown suede moto jacket outfit

I have days where I can’t seem to get anything right. Days when life seems to be a comedy of errors and “Just go back to bed,” thumps in my ear.

Days when I don’t like the way that I look or parent or cook or create. I may stand in the mirror and pick apart my face. I may stare at my computer screen and wonder why the perfect words aren’t flowing from my brain or the best images aren’t appearing.

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And some times these days get the best of me. These are the days where I sit in my sweats with my unwashed hair and feel sorry for myself. I wish I could tell you that I never succumb to these feelings and that I always overcome and power forward.  But I can’t tell you that.

And maybe you need days like these. Days when you are introspective, and perhaps overly critical. After I have a day (or days) like this I usually wake up to a renewed vigor and interest in life. Like the real me walks up to this gloomy version of me and grabs both arms and shakes me, saying, “Snap out of it!”

And even if I’m not at 100%, I get out of bed, make my bed (see my post on starting each day more productively), and get dressed. So, dressed and ready I head out to start the day. And even though I may look cooler than I feel, it’s the first step towards getting my shit together and doing the things that I know that I’m good at – the things that make me proud of myself.

The point of all of this is that everyone feels this way and has these days. No matter what you see on Instagram. The person who travels all over the world and takes extraordinary photos gets homesick and lonely. The girl who you think has the perfect body gets self-conscious and sometimes wishes that she looked like someone else. And that rich model that you may think has it all, has stretch marks and pimples on her ass and insecurities of her own.

Teddy Roosevelt said that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” What we need to remember is that taking inspiration or motivation from something someone else is or created is not the same as wondering why you are not what someone else is or why what you created is not like what they created.

It’s human and normal to have days like these. Everyone has them. It’s what you do with yourself the next day that defines you.

Admit these days. Talk about these days. Don’t shy away from admitting that you aren’t perfect – because we already know that you aren’t, and we love you for it.

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