Halloween Skeleton Makeup

Looking for a Halloween costume idea? This Sexy Skeleton look is easy to recreate with every day makeup from the drugstore or Ulta and looks like it was professionally done. (Note: it is easy, but it did take us about 3 hours to complete).

I love Halloween – so much that my college roommate and I used to decorate the end of August and watch so many Halloween movies that by October we were already over it.  We even went dressed up to see a 3D showing of Nightmare Before Christmas…..in college.  Yes, we were very cool.

Thankfully adults with children still like to throw Halloween parties, so there is still occasion to throw on a costume and get all dolled up or scary.  My friend Olivia is so creative and such a good artist and she offered to do my Halloween makeup for me when I told her I wanted to be a skeleton.  Had I done it myself I would have looked ridiculous.  She turned it around and made me look like a sexy skeleton.

Below I linked the Pinterest images that we used as templates.  We liked the nose in one and the eyes in another, so we took a little from each to create our own.  This one we used for the nose and the chest. And this one we used for the eyes and lips and cheeks.

I also linked all of the makeup items we used to create the look.  I got all of them from Ulta and all of them are REAL makeup, not costume makeup so it won’t mess up your skin and you can actually use the stuff afterwards.

The dress was a Monique Lhuillier that I wore as a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding last year.  Who says you never wear those babies again!

To Create the Sexy Skeleton Look:

ONE. Olivia primed my skin with the Smashbox green primer to lessen my redness since we wanted my skin to look so pale.

TWO. Apply an even coat of a VERY pale foundation. We used this one, but any that you can find would work. We wanted pale, not WHITE for the base.

THREE. Use a eyeliner brush and black matte eyeshadow to outline your eyes, nose and cheeks. Wait to do you lips later.

FOUR. Fill in dark areas with black eyeliner pencil and fade out with black matte eyeshadow. Remember to do your waterlines on your eyes. TIP: Don’t use the eyeliner on your eyebrows, use the shadow instead. The liner will NEVER come out haha.

FIVE. Use white eyeliner pencil to cover your lips, and then highlight areas of your face like your normally would with a highlighter.

SIX. Use white matte eyeshadow to cover the white areas of your face.

SEVEN. Use the eyeliner brush and black eyeshadow to draw in your teeth.

EIGHT. For the chest: start by outlining the bone shapes with the eyeliner brush and the black eyeshadow. Fill in the dark areas with the black eyeliner and then use the white eyeliner to highlight.

NINE. Add your favorite fake lashes and have fun!!


And Happy October!!!!



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