A Valentine’s Day [Day] Date Outfit

The perfect Valentine’s Day day date outfit with the pink satin bomber of my dreams and the matte lipgloss I’ve been searching for for ages.

valentines day date outfit jean skirt champagne in the rain

Now that we have Cora, Nick and I are those boring parents that I always said I wouldn’t be. My idea of a fun evening is homemade pasta, a bottle of wine and getting to bed no later than 10. For Valentine’s Day this year we thought it would be nice to do a day date rather than our typical dinner out – plus it’s a lot easier to get a sitter during the day than the evening (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!)

Mama got to do a little shopping first to pick out an outfit for our day date, and while I was there I had time to think of some ideas of what we could do on our date. I stopped at Polaris Fashion Place to get an outfit and to hunt for a matte lipgloss. (and I found the gloss of my dreams – and no it’s not Kylie’s).

I put together this outfit for our date of chips and guac and magharita’s from Cantina Laredo, a little shopping, an afternoon movie and then dinner at Benihana because their sushi is the bomb.

If you’re able to head to Polaris this month, check out the Love Ties art installation – it benefits The Salvation Army and you can even enter to win gift cards to the mall – check here for more details.

There’s also a ton of awesome events for couples and families that are listed on their website.

pink satin bomber jacket denim skirt valentines day outfit

| pink bomber from Abercrombie | jean skirt from Madewell |

pink satin bomber outfit jean skirt abercrombie pink satin bomber valentines day outfit valentines day outfit blogger outfit champagne in the rain pink bomber jacket abercrombie valentines day outfit pink bomber jacket


Happy Valentine’s!!! XOXO – Em


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