Postpartum Musings and a Dressed Up Romper

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Here I sit, 7 weeks postpartum, wondering why my body didn’t jump immediately back into the exact shape it was the day I found out I was pregnant. I remember so desperately waiting for the bump to appear, and now every morning I wake up wishing it to be magically gone.

I had my postpartum check up and was given the green light to start working out again.  I’ve been to the gym twice so far, and while I felt really good afterwards, I was surprised at how exhausted I felt, and how completely out of shape I am.  And I worked out the vast majority of this pregnancy…it’s not like I sat on the couch for 9 months.  But the last month of the pregnancy I was not able to work out, and post c-section I had to wait 6 weeks to start being super active again.  Apparently those 10 weeks were just enough for my body to say…mehhhhhh no more pushups, let’s eat Oreos instead….

I know that it’s wishful thinking that my body would be back to normal so fast – my gosh, it took nearly 10 months to get into the shape that it was just 7 short weeks ago. I grew a human inside me and that is a freaking miracle. So, why am I expecting another miracle – losing 30 pounds in 7 weeks? I struggle with comparisons sometimes.  Comparing myself to celebrities and their post-baby bodies.  Comparing myself to moms I know, who somehow keep a perfectly clean house, post regular blog posts, have babies who sleep through the night and seemingly have everything together.  This is not something I am proud of. I am very grateful for so much in my life.  I know how fortunate I am. So, why then, do I still make these comparisons and feel inadequate when I should run around the house naked, bragging about how I just gave birth to a miracle…

It’s something I’m working on.  In the meantime….back to the gym, back to sugar in moderation, back to bathing suit season.  But, in an attempt to show myself how far I have come in 7 weeks, I bought this romper with the teeny shorts, donned a pair of sexy heels and got a little dolled up. My body may not be back to the way I want it, but damn girl I just did something amazing with my body!

I’d love to hear about your advice about dealing with postpartum body issues/image. Or, if you have any great post-baby work out tips, I’m all ears…and thigh dimples. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Postpartum Musings and a Dressed Up Romper

  1. Thank you for sharing your progress! I’m due in 5 (!!) weeks and having been the same weight since high school, have been really struggling with the weight gain during pregnancy. I’m still working out, eat relatively healthy and balanced (but definitely give in to Cold Stone cravings more than I would like to admit this last trimester…) and am currently on track to gain more than the “recommended range”, which I am not happy with myself about. I know you compare yourself to everyone else “doing it better” but honestly, you look amazing and it’s so hard not to compare myself to you! I can only hope I make that progress in 7 weeks but I’m trying to mentally set myself up for a goal of starting to feel more like myself by 5 or 6 months. Would love to hear more updates as you progress to keep me inspired though!

    1. Heather – first of all, congrats!!! Enjoy your last few weeks here. Get lots of sleep and date nights in now, because it will be hard to have either soon! I can’t recall the last time my husband and I were able to eat dinner at the same time haha. I appreciate your comments – I know I shouldn’t be unhappy with my progress, no new mom should. You shouldn’t either!! But, alas, we all do it. One thing I’ve been doing is conciously making small, healthy decisions each day. Like having a smoothie for breakfast instead of a chocolate croissant, or doing 100 jumping jacks while I wait for her bottle to warm up. Little victories really do make you feel better!! Congrats again!!! XOXO – Em

  2. Relax and savor these moments with your little one! Someone told me it takes 9 months to put on the weight, so allow yourself that much time to get it off. That’s what I kept telling myself the first few months post partum. I read the biggest weight loss occurs between 3-6 months post partum and my body followed that exact pattern. I was back to my pre baby weight by 3 1/2 months and lost an additional 15 by 6-7 months post partum. All I did was take walks with the little one to get out of the house 🙂 Just give yourself time! If you’re still breastfeeding make sure you’re eating enough calories. You’re an awesome mommy- you got this!

    1. Jess – thank you for sharing your experience with me. I know it was unrealistic to expect that the weight would just fly off in a few weeks. And I am breastfeeding, so hopefully that will help. You are giving me so much hope that months 3-6 will be good months for me!!! Thank you for being supportive of another new mama! I really do appreciate you! XOXO – Em

  3. Oh my goodness, it’s so comforting to hear about other new mamas who struggle during this postpartum time! My daughter is 7 months old and I have those last pesky pounds that won’t budge. It makes me feel better when put together a healthy dinner for us and head out for evening walks with the babe! If I feel those negative thoughts pop in my head, I ask myself, what would I tell Gwen (my daughter) if she was having some negative body image issues? I would tell her she is beautiful and give her a giant hug! 😆 So let’s give ourselves a break (and a giant hug!), we are doing awesome as new mamas!

  4. I’m going in for my c-section on Monday (eek!!) and wanted to see how you were doing. It’s like you read my mind and I haven’t even had the baby yet! 1) You look great!! and 2) It does take 40 weeks to grow a baby, it stands to reason that it takes awhile to get back into shape! I’ll be joining you on the postpartum journey next week and my mentality is going to be the small choices like you mentioned in the comments. Lots of walks, some squats, jumping jacks and moderation!! Be positive – your baby is precious, you are glowing and doing a great job!! PS if you have any c section recovery hacks, please share!!

  5. I discovered your instagram and blog one day while I was looking at LTKbump pictures online and realized we were due about the same time (our daughter was born April 25)! First of all, like everyone has said, you truly do look amazing. And secondly- I’m right there with ya sister! I prided myself on having a healthy pregnancy and working out up until the very end, but definitely packed on the pounds during those beginning postpartum weeks when people were bringing us cookies and casseroles (which at the time were AMAZING and so so helpful). I too recently had my 6 week checkup and realized its time to get back on the bandwagon. I’ve worked out twice, felt sore and out of shape, and have tried to do exercises on my yoga mat while little one is sleeping. But most days I’m just TIRED, and some ice cream or a cookie just tastes better than a handful of raw almonds. Plus these celebrities who say nursing helps them get their body back in 3 weeks clearly don’t have the ravenous appetite that I have while nursing.
    Its refreshing to hear someone who’s going through the exact same thing. And although I look at my body in the mirror some days and feel pudge-y and discouraged, I can’t help but feel proud at what my body has accomplished this last year. Let’s just keep on keeping on and feed and love these babies! But know you’re not alone! 🙂

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