Tiny Moments

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I love the tiny moments that Cora and I share throughout the day. I love the way she looks out the window during her baths. She could be screaming bloody murder but the minute she hears the water run, she perks right up and coos the entire time.  We bathe her in the kitchen sink and she spends her bath time looking out the window at the light coming in through the trees.

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I love the way she holds so tight onto my fingers whenever she eats. I love the sweet little smiles she gives us, (even if they’re actually gas-related and not because her mama is making funny faces at her). I love that she has started making sweet little noises already, like she is trying to talk to us.  It makes me so excited for the many conversations that she and I will share in the future.

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I love the snuggles that happen post bath even more – holding a clean, naked baby is one of the sweetest joys, I swear! Her skin is oh so soft, and oh so sensitive, so we always look for products that are designed to soothe and protect her skin.  Aveeno baby skin products are pediatrician recommended which gives us extra peace of mind. Plus, she smells baby sweet afterwards!!! You can check out their full line at Aveeno.com.

champagne in the rain cora aveeno baby lotion aveeno baby lotion champagne in the rain cora

These tiny moments with her are fleeting, so I want to take the time to appreciate each and every one of them.

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