Pregnant in Overalls

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I keep having such incredibly vivid dreams about what the baby will be like and what our life will be like when she gets here. It makes me wonder whether I am ANYWHERE close to being right about how it will be. As we get closer and closer to the due date, I find it difficult to focus on any one thing for very long.  I seem to get so easily distracted, often thinking about things I still need to purchase or organize, getting things squared away at work before I go on leave, what it will be like to have sushi and champagne again….whether I will, in fact, have to have a c-section after all.

Recently, on one of my Instagram posts, I reached out to you guys for advice on getting her to turn, since she is still breech.  I got some wonderful advice and I have been doing the different stretches and exercises religiously – I want to thank you all so much for that.  But I also really want to thank those of you who reached out to be to help me calm down about having a c-section.  I really appreciate you sharing your experiences with me because now I really feel like I will be ok with whichever way she decides to come.  And I’m not so scared anymore and that is an incredible gift.

These overalls still fit well over my big belly, although if I keep eating like I have been I will have to unbutton a few side buttons pretty soon here…  But I know that I will definitely be wearing them often after she’s here. They also come in a distressed version. I have posted these shoes more than a few times, but they fit so well and stay on my feet!

These Illesteva sunglasses were my most recent pick from Ditto, and I am loving so much I may hold on to them.  If you’d like to try Ditto free for a month, you can head to their site, hit the “Get Started” button and use code, “CHAMPAGNE.”

photos by Emma Parker Photography

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    1. Thanks Maggie!! It’s one of the most comfy outfits I’ve worn this pregnancy – besides sweatpants of course! HAHA XOXO – Em

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