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I am a sucker for anything with a big, gorgeous bow on it, so when I saw the back of this Albion one-piece, I was immediately hooked.  All of the Albion swim suits have a vintage feel – they look romantic and almost like something a pin-up girl would wear, but they’re still modest.  It’s the perfect combination.  Plus, by the end of my Mexico vacation, I had eaten SO much, that I really did not want to wear a bikini anymore lol.

Albion has been sweet enough to offer a 15% coupon code, “champagneintherain15”, (which expires June 7), and ALSO to offer the chance to WIN one of their gorgeous swim suits.  Best part – you get to PICK which suit you would like to win!!

The contest starts today at 8 AM and will run until Monday, May 25 at 8 PM (Happy Memorial Day indeed!).  The winner will be announced here and on my Instagram page, shortly after 8 PM on May 25.

There are a few different ways to enter – the more you do, the more opportunities you have to have your name drawn!! To Enter:

1. Comment on this blog post and tell me which Albion suit you would love to win, (include the link too!!),

2. Pin one of the pictures above and tag myself, @ChampagneInTheRain and @albionfit on Pinterest,

3. Head to my Instagram page for the third and final way to enter! – @emilybrunotte

And Good Luck!!!!


| Sunset Blvd one-piece c/o Albion |

35 thoughts on “Put a Bow on It

  1. I love love love them all,
    But two of my favorites are the strawberry daiquiri and the midnight dip swimsuit.

    Their so perfect. And cover everything I want covered. Plus their pretty 🙂 win, win.

  2. Pinned too 🙂 my Pinterest username is @rebeccasell and its under “My Style” board. (Won’t let me paste link here.)

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  3. This is a lovely giveaway. I’m in love with the retro bathing suit trend. It’s a tough choice, but I’ve always liked the Antigua print, and the pin up top with the high waist bottoms fit my style & body type! Have to pick that one 🙂 http://www.albionfit.com/swims/antigua-floral-pin-up-top-large-cup

    (Also tagged you on Pinterest as requested, handle @SteelmagnoliaK)
    Enjoy your holiday weekend, and congratulations on your graduation!! 🙂

  4. I didn’t want to jinx myself and ask, but did you already choose a winner for this contest? It was never announced, and I have been holding my breath since Memorial day and am about to faint 🙂

    1. Joyce – I am so sorry, I did pick a winner and she was announced on my Instagram page. I didn’t have her email or name or anything, just her IG account, so I only announced it there, but you’re right, I should have announced it on the blog as well. But the 15% off code “champagneintherain15” is still good through June 7!!! – Em

  5. Love this suit! I am ordering one and I was wondering what size you have in this suit.. I’m trying to decide if I need a small or X-small. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen! You will LOVE this suit! I got an XS. When I order two-piece bathing suits I normally order an XS bottom and a S top, but I checked with Albion before I ordered this size and the lady told me that it would definitely accommodate a bigger bust just because it is a more modest top anyways. Hope that helps!! XOXO – Em

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