A Little Older

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 Today is my birthday. Over the years, I occasionally I feel small pangs of anxiety about getting older and nostalgia over things never being quite the same. But I am fortunate to have a birthday that is so close to a very important holiday that always helps me keep the inevitability of age in perspective. March 8 is International Women’s Day and it is a day meant to celebrate the economic, social and political achievements of women across the world and throughout the ages.

Every year brings another birthday and another year farther away from my childhood, pushing me closer to the this idea of adulthood that I have always had and which has never really culminated the way that I always thought it would.  As a child, I thought that at some arbitrary point during a person’s life, (25 always seemed like the age), that person would just cease to be a child and the adult would emerge, so to speak, magically knowing what to do and how to act and what career path to follow, etc.. Now, as literally every “adult” I know understands, this is not the case.  Especially for us “twenty-somethings” who seem to spend the bulk of this decade floundering between childhood and adulthood never really wanting to commit to one extreme wholeheartedly.  But while “adulthood” sometimes seems scary to me, womanhood has always been something that I have embraced, craved and have been proud to embody.

Yesterday, as I was reading through social media posts and text messages: odes to mothers, inspirational quotes from women throughout history, thank you notes to friends, and prayers to daughters, I started thinking about age differently.  Rather than one more step towards wrinkles and slower metabolism, I realized that every year I get older I become more respectful and more appreciative of what being a woman truly means.  I have such a profound respect for the women in my life who have influenced me and made me the woman that I am now and who I hope to become in the future.

So on March 9, in addition to turning 28, I want to reflect on the important women in my life who have helped me, inspired me, loved me, motivated me, cared for me, taught me, raised me, saved me. If I don’t tell you often enough – I love you and I appreciate you.


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  1. HappyHappy Birthday, Emily!! I loved reading this post as well! You’re truly beautiful inside and out! Hope you enjoy you day! xo – caitlin

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