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I don’t have great nails. I never have. I have small nail beds, I bite my nails when I’m stressed out and Ohio winters give me the worst dry/cracked cuticles.  To combat all of these problems, I try to keep my nails and hands as well-groomed as I possibly can, (except during exam season, and then they’re just a mess).  I try to get a manicure at least once a month and then I do touch-ups during the rest of the month myself.

So when butter LONDON reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their new Nail Apothecary set I couldn’t say yes fast enough. This new set that bL has just launched contains 6 different lacquers, each designed to promote healthy nails in a different way. One removes excess cuticles, (you have to try this one especially – it’s awesome), one restores dry and damaged nails, one prevents nail staining and fills ridges, and another hydrates your cuticles with safflower oil. The fifth lacquer bL’s best topcoat and the sixth is a really cool matte finish topcoat that you can use to “mattify” your nail color.

I have been using a number of these lacquers over the past week since I received them.  Every night before bed, I wash my hands in very warm water and let them soak a little. Then I apply a good moisturizer over my hands and arms.  While that dries I brush my teeth.  Once the lotion has dried, I use the “Melt Away” cuticle eliminator by brushing a little bit onto each of my cuticles. While that dries I finish up my nighttime skincare routine (see this blog post to read more about this), and then I apply the “Handbag Holiday” cuticle oil and hop into bed. This cuticle oil is also great to apply after you finish your manicure because it will help prevent smudging!  After only doing this for 5 days I cannot describe what a difference it has made to the skin around my nails. It looks so much healthier and not at all like I am living in a dry and frozen tundra. I have applied the “Horse Power” nail fertilizer twice this week and I am hoping to see great results with more use.

You can buy this set on the butter LONDON website, at Nordstrom, and at Sephora, just to name a few.

Also, head to my Instagram page for details on how to win a free set and a free polish color of your own!


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    1. Thanks Pam! I love their nail polishes! They seem to last so much longer than most of the other brands I wear. Thanks for reading!! You’re the sweetest!

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