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Every January I make a huge effort to keep my New Years Resolutions.  Come February though, I find that my efforts are not quite as focused as they were the month before.  So this year, I’m getting a little help from Mark & Graham to stay on track with my resolutions.  Below, I have listed a few possible New Years Resolutions that you may have and some great Mark & Graham products that can help you successfully stick to your resolutions! (My personal resolution is at the end of the list!!!)

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Here’s to keeping our resolutions until December 2015!!!!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to:

1. Get in Shape:

Personalized Yoga Mat and Webbed Carrier – Mark & Graham just released their personalized yoga mats! I don’t know about you, but every yoga class I attend is overflowing with Lululemon mats, and while I also love their products, it is nice to branch out and get something that not every other girl has.  You can personalize these any way you wish – your name, your blog name, your monogram or your favorite hashtag – #getitgirl

Secret Pocket Cotton Infinity Scarf – when I saw this I was so smitten. I am fortunate that I am normally able to walk to my yoga classes, but even if I drove, there is rarely much room for people to bring a lot of “stuff” with them.  I see tons of people leaving cash, cards and keys in their shoes or carrying huge duffle bags.  This infinity scarf has a secret pocket to stash those small items and then they are out of sight for anyone to accidentally (or purposefully) pick up and take home with them.

Personalized Club Yoga Bag – So I know that I just said I don’t take a lot with me to my yoga class, but when I go to the gym I do take a bag that can be stashed in my locker.  With this bag, if I work out and then realize I am there in time for a yoga class I am already prepared! Furthermore, I have been thinking about keeping a packed gym bag like this in the trunk of my car so that after work I can go straight to the gym.  Oftentimes when I get home, I sit my butt down on the couch and it is HARDDDDD to get back up again.  This way my butt does not see the couch until AFTER the gym!

day 1

2. Stay More Connected with Loved Ones:

Single Initial Letterpress Stationary – Writing handwritten notes to say thank you, or get well, or just to say hello is such a meaningful and special way to stay in touch.  As much as I love a sweet phone call or text message from my loved ones, it always feels extra special to see that someone took the time to WRITE a note.

Enamel Letter Opener – because nobody wants paper cuts and come’s adorable.

day 3

3. Travel the World:

Leather Bound World Travel Journal – plenty of space to record all of your great adventures and the journal even includes maps of major cities and international dialing codes.

Monogrammed Audrey Boarding Bag – I do not love taking a ton of stuff with me on the plane.  I find that the more “stuff” I have, the more likely I am to leave something on the plane. This bag is sturdy and beautiful and comes with free monogramming! It has a padded pouch for your electronics, (which is nice if you don’t want to take a case for your laptop in the airport – how annoying to have to take it out of the case in security), a detachable shoulder strap and metal feet so that the bottom won’t get dirty or scuffed. The perfect bag to stay organized (and therefore more calm) on flights!

day 4

4. Get Organized:

Colorfield Charger and Earbud Case – because, as I speak, earbuds and at least two types of chargers are tangled in a massive mess in my school bag…..

Leather Desk Datebook – I have a small planner that I keep in my purse with me, but I really prefer a large Planner, that I can keep on my desk and have space to write more if I need to. I am a huge fan of lists and crossing the items off after I have completed them.  Oftentimes, the space necessary for my lists exceed the space allowed to me in my smaller planner.

Washi Japanese Masking Tape *(And they’re on SALE!) – I love Washi tape for a host of different purposes.  They are great for letter-writing and present wrapping, but I also use it for labeling different boxes or items around my house AND for labeling all of my school notebooks and folders. They’re all on sale and you can mix and match from tons of color and pattern options!


And my personal New Years Resolution……

5. Make Time to do Special Things for the People I Love:

For the past few years I have been preoccupied by law school and work and with the end of school quickly approaching, I want to make sure that I focus on friends and family that have not seen or heard from me much over the past few years. As such, these Mark & Graham items are perfect for helping me handwrite notes to my friends, send little “just because” gifs to my sister and sisters-in-law, and taking my beautiful mama out to lunch!

Letterpress Stationary with Dots – the Navy stationary is my favorite and I think handwritten notes are such a treat nowadays when people rarely do it anymore.

Legacy Birthstone Pendants – for little “just because” gifts for the girls in your life.  How nice is it to receive a little gift from a friend or a sister just because they were thinking about you and wanted to let you know they love you!

Leopard Zip Folio – perfect for taking my mom to lunch because I can stash a credit car, cash, my phone and an iPad so I can show my mo pictures from our most recent vacation, a project I’m working on, or look through recipes together (we LOVE to bake).

day 5


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