fox in the snow

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When my good friend Emma called me up and invited me to check out the new bakery in town – Fox in the Snow – I basically sprinted there. I am a HUGE sucker for biscuits (it’s the southern girl in me) and I heard that this place makes great ones!  This place is brand new!  The sign isn’t even up yet on the outside of the building, which made it kind of awesome actually, like those unmarked bars that you need a password to get in to.

Well, needless to say, my biscuit dreams came true.  They were amazing.  Flaky, buttery, salty and a little sweet. Heaven. Once I had finished smashing my biscuit, (it was like I had never eaten before), I have a chance to look around.  This place is perfect. Clean lines, contemporary – a very inviting space.  A dark gray industrial ceiling meets shiny white subway tiles surrounding natural wood tables and benches, plus plenty of live plants enjoying the huge windows.

We almost got one of everything, but figured since a long line was forming, (what a great testament in and of itself!), that we had better only choose a few.  Emma and I shared a Blueberry Muffin, a doughnut and of course a huge biscuit.  The coffee drips right when you order it and was perfect down to the last drop.

If you’re in Columbus, stop whatever it is that you’re doing and head over to Fox in the Snow. There may be a line, but TRUST me it’s worth it!!!

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– Em

| Madewell top | Madewell jeans | Frye boots |

Photos by Emma Parker


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